How to Catch A Dream

21 Ways to Dream (and Live) Bigger and Better

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How to Catch A Dream is the ultimate toolkit to become a lucid dreamer to create a happier and more fulfilling waking life.

‘Theresa Cheung shows us that the way forward is to understand that consciousness/spiritual awareness is the fundamental ground of all experience.’ DEEPAK CHOPRA

Dream expert Theresa Cheung gives you everything you need to dream bigger and better in just three weeks.

Week One: Dream Seeker Everybody dreams, but not everybody remembers them. Not only will week one help you to recall your dreams, it will also help boost your creativity and encourage healthier sleep hygiene for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Week Two: Dream Deeper Now your dream recall will be more consistent and you’ll be aware of how linked your waking and dreaming lives are. Now it’s time to dive deeper into your intuition and start trusting yourself more.

Week Three: Dream Catcher By week three you will be sleeping better, dreaming bigger and feeling more connected to yourself. Equipped with this knowledge and understanding, it’s time to ‘wake up’ in your dreams. Theresa will guide you through what happens when you become a lucid dreamer and show you that you have the power to influence your dreams, making anything possible.

Transform your life, begin to heal and go on a journey of self-discovery with How to Catch a Dream.


‘Theresa Cheung is mysterious, illuminating, kind and informative.’ RUSSELL BRAND, author of Revelation: Connecting with the Sacred in Everyday Life and host of Under the Skin podcast.

‘The best bit on the show [ITV’s This Morning] was dreams with Theresa. She is quite transcendent.’ DERMOT O’LEARY

‘Theresa offers fascinating and practical advice to aid people in personally exploring mind-bending concepts and applying them to their own lives.’ EBEN ALEXANDER, author of Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe

‘Ms. Cheung's done it again – and better than ever! How to Catch a Dream is a brilliant yet completely accessible compendium of scientifically-based insights, time-tested meethods, and exploratory practical tips for those of us who know that our dreams contain essential keys to unlocking self-understanding, creativity, and success in life. Bravo to Cheung's unique ability to unite science with spirit – and bring it all home with a 3-week program that really works!’ Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD. Executive Director, TILT: The Institute for Love and Time

How to Catch a Dream took me on a fun-filled journey to more expansive thinking when awake as well as in my dreams. This book will blow your mind. Garret Yount, PhD. Molecular Neurobiologist, The Institute of Noetic Sciences

About the author

Theresa Cheung is a Sunday Times bestselling author and dream decoder. She has a degree from Kings College, Cambridge and is the author of numerous titles including The Dream Dictionary from A to Z.

Theresa has appeared on ITV This Morning and Capital FM and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Red, Grazia, Heat, Glamour, Vice and Bustle, as well as many more.

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January 6
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