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Business processes in any organization, can be made more efficient, more effective, and adaptable to changing market and/ or economic needs.

However, the biggest problem faced by most companies worldwide, is not its competitors, rather the biggest problems are self-inflicted, that is, created in-house by the management. Therefore, a step further in this direction is to build ‘quality’ and ‘profitability’ into business processes.

What will you learn from this book?

This book covers the following topics –

Introduction to business process improvement lifecycle.

How to strategically design process improvement initiatives to win campaigns.

Roadmap to process improvement methodology selection including- base lining, change management, organizing business processes within an organization, identifying business process problem areas, various process improvement techniques and process improvement methodologies.

Decision matrix for selecting process improvement methodology for your workplace.

Action plan- for doing methodology implementation right!

Qualifying ‘new’ business process and efficiency measurement metrics.

Maintaining ‘continued’ operational excellence with the ‘new’ process.

Illustrative examples of process improvement methodology recommendations for-

Healthcare organization.

Facility management and maintenance department of manufacturing organizations.

IT department of non-profits, technology companies and manufacturing industries.

Customer service departments of service organizations.

Frequently asked questions and tips to maximize output from business process improvement campaigns.

Who should read this book?

This book presents practical ways to build and improve business processes, and assists professionals whether they are learning the basics of business process improvement (or continuous improvement), planning their first improvement project, or evangelizing process oriented thinking throughout their organization.

This book is for Agile entrepreneurs, Startups, Leaders, QA (Quality Assurance) managers, Management consulting professionals, Production supervisors, Manufacturing heads, CEOs, Directors and Managers involved in decision-making, directing their organization’s sustainability, profitability, and expansion.

If you want some new and effective ideas for improving your organization's efficiency, then this self-help, business management book is for you.

This book is also for professionals who are interested in making a career change and wish to embrace business process management (bpm) role. This book simplifies business improvement methodologies, gives sequential steps to facilitate selecting a business process improvement, which is right for your organization, helps you understand the principles that drive business improvement and give your career the boost it needs!

This book helps executives; professionals improve organizational performance in their role as a Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Continuous Improvement, or Process Management Expert.

- Shruti Bhat

Business & Personal Finance
November 23
Shifting Paradigms, Canada
Draft2Digital, LLC

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