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Millions of people miss out on benefits for which they are eligible. A USDA study showed that although over 40 million unemployed and underemployed people currently receive food stamps (SNAP), the study also estimated that another 20 million people fail to apply because they either do not know that they are eligible for benefits such as food stamps or do not know how to apply for benefits. For example, California, the largest state, has 3 million people whose incomes are low enough to qualify for food stamps but they simply do not apply for food stamps and other government benefit programs for which they are eligible. Those who qualify for one benefit program, such as food stamps, are often income-eligible for additional benefits, such as subsidized cell phones.

Millions of Americans are just one paycheck away from becoming unemployment statistics. If it happens to you, you need to know what to do next. This book spells out where to get help after you
lose your job, your home, or both. It specifically shows where to apply for government aid programs that offer food, heating bills assistance, subsidized phone service, subsidized housing, subsidized child care, welfare, unemployment insurance and other benefits. This book shows where to apply for food stamps
(SNAP) and other food programs that put food on the table, where to apply for heating bills assistance (LIHEAP) and keep the heat turned on during the winter, where to apply for subsidized telephone service (Lifeline) and keep your phone turned on, where to apply for subsidized housing (Section 8) and keep a roof over your head, where to apply for unemployment insurance and keep
some money coming in, and where to apply for welfare (TANF) and other benefit programs.

Both the unemployed and the underemployed working poor are eligible to apply. Includes information about benefit programs, the income and assets guidelines used to determine eligibility
for benefits and hundreds of agency contact phone
numbers (many toll-free) and web sites. Use this book to find out what sorts of government aid programs are available, where to apply and how to keep going during the recession.

Table Of Contents

Chapter One
Apply For Food Stamps (SNAP)

Chapter Two
Apply For The School Lunch Program

Chapter Three
Apply For Subsidized Housing (Section 8)

Chapter Four
Apply For Heating Bills Assistance (LIHEAP)

Chapter Five
Apply For Subsidized Phone Service (Lifeline)

Chapter Six
Apply For Welfare (TANF: Temporary Assistance For Needy Families)

Chapter Seven
Apply For Subsidized Child Care
(Head Start And Early Head Start)

Chapter Eight
Apply For Unemployment Insurance

Chapter Nine
Apply For Work Through Online Job Banks

Chapter Ten
Apply For The WIC Program

Chapter Eleven
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

Chapter Twelve
Food Banks

Chapter Thirteen
Homelessness Prevention Resources

Chapter Fourteen
HUD-Approved Housing Counseling

Chapter Fifteen
Housing For Homeless Veterans

Chapter Sixteen
Employment And Unemployment Statistics

Chapter Seventeen
Federal Poverty Guidelines

Chapter Eighteen

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