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Proven Strategies for Making—and Keeping—Money in Today's High-Risk, High-Reward Stock Market

Two books in one ebook package!

Founder and chairman of Investor’s Business Daily William J. O’Neil is the world’s most trusted source of investment research and advice. His investing classics How to Make Money in Stocks and The Successful Investor are considered absolute must-haves for every stock investor.

Now, you can have both books in one place—wherever you go and whenever you get there. How to Make Money in Stocks and Become a Successful Investor provides all of O’Neils secrets to beating the Street handily and consistently.

Get two classic investing books—updated for today’s roller-coaster investing world—in a single ebook package:

How to Make Money in Stocks

The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and USA Today business bestseller!

When it was first published, How to Make Money in Stocks hit the investing world like a jolt, providing readers with the first in-depth explanation of William J. O’Neil’s innovative CAN SLIM investing method. Based on an exhaustive study of the greatest stock market winners dating back to 1953, this technique has been proven to minimize risk, maximize return, and find stocks that are poised to perform.

This fourth edition has been revised and updated with new chapters designed to help you boost performance in a turbulent economic climate. New discussions include:
Greater clarification of the key CAN SLIM investment strategy

New models of the greatest stock market winners that provide more basis for the ongoing effectiveness and superior performance of the CAN SLIM strategy

Fresh stock charts featured in two colors for easier analysis of trends

An invaluable guide on how to maximize both Investor’s Business Daily and www.investors.com to find winning stocks

Real-world success stories from investors who have used this system

New information on portfolio management and the impact of hedge funds

Praise for previous editions:

“The most useful stock market book in years.”

Management Accounting

“In O’Neil’s opinion, a stock isn’t unlike a car or a set of golf clubs—you have to pay for quality. A winning system.”

Personal Investor

“A superb book, spelling out his investment strategies in plain English and O’Neilisms.”

San Francisco Business Times

“His very good advice comprises a mixture of three parts common sense and one part technical knowledge.”

The American Spectator

The Successful Investor

O'Neil outlines how to move with the market instead of against it and increase your profits by relying on sound, time-tested rules instead of hot tips and irrational greed. Let The Successful Investor show you how to:
Buy only the best stocks at only the best times

Recognize chart patterns that presage enormous stock moves, both up and down

Manage your portfolio over time to maximize its returns

Bill O'Neil will be the first to admit that he has no inside knowledge about what will happen in tomorrow's market. What he does know how to do is profit if the market goes up, and keep from losing those profits when the markets head south. In The Successful Investor, O'Neil reveals what his decades in the market have taught him, and outlines a stable, non-emotional investment plan designed to comfort and protect investors buffeted and bewildered by the today's tumultuous stock market.

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November 19
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