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Book Description:
This book offers hope for those struggling with Binge Eating Disorder and those who believe they may be experiencing symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder. It aims to provide one with further understanding into the intricacy of this mental illness, as well as necessary information for beginning or maintaining the recovery process.

This book explores:
• Diagnostic criteria for Binge Eating Disorder
• Distinctions between Binge Eating Disorder and overeating, emotional eating, and food addiction
• Complex factors that play into the development of Binge Eating Disorder
• Effects of Binge Eating Disorder on an individual's physical, mental, and overall health
• Potential sources of emotional emptiness that one may turn to food to fill
• Various methods of treatment used to aid those suffering from Binge Eating Disorder
• Strategies for utilizing healthier coping mechanisms upon the urge to binge eat
• Relapse as a part of the recovery process and how one can attain lasting recovery

Above all, this book serves to provide clarity into Binge Eating Disorder as a serious mental illness, as well as the encouragement for one to dig deeper into the underlying roots of their compulsive behavior. An individual can then take whatever steps are necessary to cope with Binge Eating Disorder, develop a healthier relationship with food, and live a fuller life.

About the Expert:
Lindsay Rossum has been in recovery from Binge Eating Disorder for over 4 years and has been free from compulsive overeating for over 2 years. She is passionate about sharing her experiences with others to encourage them that there is hope and freedom from this disease. Lindsay now works as a Recovery Support Specialist where she walks alongside others with mental disorders including eating disorders. Lindsay is a fan of rabbits (particularly her bunny Lily), new stationery, and spending hours at coffee shops.

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July 3
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