How to Parent Like an Autistic How to Parent Like an Autistic

How to Parent Like an Autistic

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Are you struggling to understand your autistic child and their behaviour?

Are you looking for ideas for how to best approach some common parenting issues? 

This guide hopes to help you decipher what is really going on inside your child's mind and how to address their unique needs.

How to Parent Like an Autistic is a guide for neurotypical parents of an autistic child.

Written by an autistic mom of an autistic child, with additional insight compiled through a survey of autistic parents, this guide helps parents understand the autistic mind.

It gives concrete examples and tips to help parents build confidence in their parenting approach. It's a non-judgemental book that feels this unique approach to parenting that many autistic parents share will develop happier and more confident autistic adults.

Autistic people truly do experience the world in a different way and How to Parent Like an Autistic brings you into this world, sharing experiences to help you relate to what your child is feeling and experiencing.

Autistic parents will also enjoy seeing themselves reflected in the parenting approaches explained in this book, and maybe reaffirm that the way we do things is not just okay, but beneficial to the well being of our children.

From the foreword by Nancy Getty: "K. Bron Johnson has laid out an honest guideline to assist parents and family members who share their lives with an autistic individual. This book will be highly useful for families that are seeking a path of discovery and acceptance in order to achieve a balance within the family unit. It touches on areas of importance within the autistic person's life from a first-person autistic perspective that will allow you to see and experience a viewpoint that may seem foreign, but is real for the autistic person."

September 30
Kelly Johnson
Ingram DV LLC

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