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Free for a limited time, AK Williams, award-winning Author and Cheese Maker, invites you to download this next-generation ebook have fun trying fine cheese without intimidation. 

How to Say Cheese, provides info on the raw milk debate, where to buy stinky and runny cheese, plus seasonal platter ideas. Less fromage snob and more cheesy fun, learn how to pronounce, store and eat unique cheeses from around the globe.

Entertaining and approachable, How to Say Cheese, offers more than reference, this ebook is loaded with interactivity. Family friendly, tap the animal icons for fun sounds and cheesy producer videos. 

Readers say that after exploring this interactive cheese journey, they now feel less intimidated and more confident when approaching a fine cheese counter. Share this book with your local cheesemonger to research similar artisan cheeses available in your area.

You’ll wanna eat this book! 


2018 Bronze –Independent Publisher Ebook Awards for Best eBook Design

2018 Honourable Mention – Writer’s Digest eBook Awards for Nonfiction

2017 Inclusion into Simon Fraser Universities’ Personal Library

2017 Featured in Celebrating Five Years of iBook Author -Score Publishing

2017 Platinum – AVA Digital Awards for best eBook

2017 Bronze – Creativity International Awards for Media & Interaction Design

2017 Gold – Summit Awards for Interactive Media

2017 Platinum – Hermes Creative Awards for best eBook

2017 Gold – Next Generation Indie Book Awards – eBook Non-Fiction

2017 Silver – Global eBook Awards for best Multimedia in an eBook

2017 Finalist – Book Excellence Awards for Best Book Interior

2017 iBook Author Conference

Best Use of Interactive Elements In A Multi-Touch Book  

Best Book of the Year, Cookbook

Best Book of the Year, Photography/Picture Book 

Best Book of the Year, Non-Fiction (Overall)

Best Book of the Year

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January 15
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Customer Reviews

DarylFr ,

Cheese done right

I have to say that this I-BOOK is among the BEST food books that I have purchased in a long time, why you ask, well let me tell you. It tells you how cheese was started. I found this widly informing only because most, it not all, I did not know. It tells me how a cheese is made and where it s make, its origin. The pop ups are both fun and interesting, Children would love these I'm sure as much as I did. It pairs up some recipe Platters with events, times of the year, and no I did not wait till the Autumn Cottage time, had to try that one now. Yes this I-BOOK is whorth your read.

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