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How to Set Up a Stratocaster shows you how to get your favorite guitar to play and sound fantastic. Stratocasters are in most ways just like other guitars but their reliance on a spring tremolo and the design of the pickups can make them more difficult to setup. This book shows you in detail how to adjust the guitar to perfection. There are lots of illustrations and the book is easy to follow.

Make your Stratocaster guitar play and sound the way that you always wanted it to. This book gives you all of the knowledge and skills to allow you to get the most out of your treasured instrument. Why put up with a poor sound when you can find out how to setup action, pickups, tremolo and intonation so that your guitar really stands out and gets the attention you want? Not only will your Stratocaster sound great it will also be fantastic to play.

Tuning difficulties can be problematic on any type of guitar; however, in the case of the Stratocaster you also have the tremolo system to deal with as well. This means you have to take your time ensuring that all of the mechanical parts of the guitar work together well. This book includes a detailed section on identifying and putting right tuning problems. The pickups on Stratocasters can also be difficult to setup correctly. However, time spent on this task will be well rewarded. Detailed explanations are given on how to get the pickups sounding right. When you start a full setup on a guitar it is important to do things in the right order. How to Set Up a Stratocaster has a natural flow through it which allows you to do things in the correct order. Get the book and start finding the Stratocaster that you really wanted.

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June 14
Tim Vincent
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