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Ways in Which This Book Will Help You:

- Gives you a number of practical, tested formulas for solving worry situations.
- Shows you how to eliminate fifty per cent of your business worries immediately.
- Brings you ways to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness.
- Shows you how to lessen financial worries.
- Tells you how to turn criticism to your advantage.
- Gives working habits that will help prevent fatigue and worry.
- Tells you how to add one hour a day to your working life.
- Shows you how to avoid emotional upsets.
- Gives you the stories of scores of everyday men and women, who tell you in their own words how they stopped worrying and started living.

Health, Mind & Body
December 28
Numitor Comun Publishing
Petre Banu

Customer Reviews

San Gaba ,

Authentic and implementable tips for staying away from worry!

This was my second self-help book by Dale Carnegie. The way he explains techniques with honest reviews is remarkable. Every person suffering from mental illness and stress related issues should read this book.

Willowgreen ,

Wow this book is timeless!

Even though this book was written in 1948 it is a masterpiece that is still applicable today.

Previous to reading this, hearing the name Dale Carnegie conjured up ideas of some kind of religious cult leader with classes still available today. I WAS VERY WRONG.

This book reveals Dale Carnegie as a humble teacher who interviewed thousands of people and beautifully shared these people's experiences to create an amazing manual regarding worrying which is still applicable today. I'm sad that I've now finished the book as I was reading it before bed and when I woke up :)

I was impressed with Dale's way of presenting the book like a friendly conversation and I was amused by the
The language and unique word choices of the 1940's.
It especially cracked me up that people's exact addresses were used to validate the reference.

It was also amazing just how many very famous people were featured in this book such as Rockefeller.

Being a Psychiatric Nurse I didn't agree with everything
But of course some things have evolved over the past 66 years :)

For example the idea of working or keeping busy after a tragedy or death- we now know that not addressing grief has deep and damaging affects and will eventually come out to be addressed and healed often creating crisis if ignored.

I highly recommend this book, it is easy to read, entertaining and could change your life.

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