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A very creative and artistic Author gave us another gift, a new book with incredible mystical art in it. This book contains an entertaining and educational story about the real adventures of a little girl. This book is good for parents to read and discuss with their children. The author, as always, chooses a form of a fairy tale, telling about the real adventures of a little girl.
From early childhood, Alenushka lived in a poor house of her grandparents. They lived on the Black Sea coast in the magical town of Gelendzhik. Her grandmother was a kind Fairy, as well as her cat Murka. But the grandfather was a very harsh person, and the people called him Gorynych, as in an old fairy tale. In the effort to escape from his cruel treatment, Alenushka and her grandmother wandered among relatives who lived very far in the center of Russia.
One evening, the grandmother decided to move from one village to another. But no one agreed to such a dangerous journey through the field and forest where the wolves lived. Nevertheless, one old peasant agreed to take them in his sleigh pulled by one horse. Suddenly a hungry pack of wolves jumped out to the forest, and only a miracle saved people.
This book tells about the miraculous rescue of people. Also, it has a chapter for parents with interesting information about wolves, as well as riddles about these smart but dangerous animals. The book ended with a parable "One Who is Walking Will Override the Way", which tells that any obstacles could be overcome in pursuit of a dream.
Among other things, the book decorated with very unusual pictures of the heroes of the stories. The book design and cover created by the author.

January 18
Elena Pankey
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