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Maggie McGonigal isn’t as concerned about staying alive as she is about protecting her son.
After seven years in witness protection in Seattle someone is once again trying to kill her. She’s forced leave Seattle and go to Victoria, BC in Canada. She contacts the man she never wanted to see again. She needs to convince him to take his son back to the Hawkins ranch in Duster, Montana, where he’ll be safe.
The hired killers are not after her son. They want to kill her as payback. As long as Matt is with her, he’s in danger. She believes the farther he’s away from her, the safer he’ll be. The one glitch is Cody Hawkins doesn’t know he has a son. After she manages to explain that to him, she’ll figure out how to keep herself alive.
Cody Hawkins comes running to Victoria, BC when the woman he wants to forget calls him for help because someone is trying to kill her. It’s been seven years since Maggie walked away from Duster. Why has she contacted him after all this time? Who would want to kill her? Can he help her and then walk away from her?
Cody meets Maggie in the bar of the hotel. She asks him to meet her son and take him back to Duster. The Witness Protection has failed them and the hired killers have found her.
Cody agrees to come back to her hotel room and meet Matt, her son. While there, someone shoots at her through the window. Maggie is shot in the arm. He agrees to take Matt back to the ranch, but wants Maggie to come back with him, so he can protect her and her son.
When she refuses to leave with him Cody waits until the medication the doctor gave her knocks her out. He kidnaps her and explains it to Matt.
Cody lives in the Hawkins ranch house with his parents, Sam and Anna Hawkins, as well as his brothers, Gabe and Ky. Luke, his other brother, is the town doctor and lives next door.
For the next few days, back at the ranch, everything appears normal in town with no further attempts on Maggie’s life. They hop

July 15
Shiba Publishing
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