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Life is intriguing indeed as it has never crossed my mind that the journey of fatherhood has made me both a teacher and a humble student. It has dawned upon me that parenting is no longer a one-sided affair but a mutual connection and learning adventure, with so much to explore and learn. I am very grateful to have picked up valuable lessons from my children who in turn have also successfully reignited the passion in me to broaden my knowledge. In my first ebook, I have summarized 26 interesting life lessons (A TO Z) I have unpredictably learned from my 2 sons to share with all parents.

About the Author

Born in Hong Kong in 1975, I migrated to Singapore with my mother when I was 8 years old as my father was a Singaporean and working full time here. In the beginning, life was quite a challenge for me as I needed to adapt to a completely new environment, not forgetting the initial struggles to cope with both English and Chinese languages. Fortunately, with my parents' support, it was a blessing that I managed to get through the demanding yet proper education system in Singapore. After graduating from NTU with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I have been working in the field of wireless

communication products for about 13 years. I am happily married with 2 amazing kids and parenthood has given me a new perspective in life and taught me what life is actually all about! 

Below is the quote that summarizes what I want to share with the world:

'Most parents tend to fall into the chasm of thinking we know everything but in fact, there may be a multitude of things we can observe and learn from our children.' — Peter Tao

September 6
Tao Chih Hsing
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