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I spent the first 6 years of my professional life as an infantry officer with the Indian Army. I almost never focused on wealth or prosperity. I earned and spent money and did it so well. The army takes good care of you, so I never had to think of cost of living, children education and medicals. The challenge came when I completed my army tenure and joined the world outside. Suddenly I found myself waiting for monthly salaries Money that got credited in my account would diminish faster than I expected or planned for and all that I managed doing is meeting the daily and monthly expense. I had already compromised on the standard of living and I also had to worry about my childrens future and high cost of education. I had now started feeling that my life was falling apart.

It was at this time that I decided to turn things around for myself and for my family. So I stubbornly embarked upon this mission to be Prosperous. This mission challenged the very beliefs that I grew up on, taught me about money that was never taught, questioned my habits and behaviors that came subconsciously to me.

The Elephant is the epitome of Prosperity, owned only by the rich and powerful and a symbol of Prosperity, Power, longevity and Stability. Buying your Elephant is about reaching the level of Prosperity that is desired and living in abundance. Like a true solider, I did what it takes to achieve my mission and conquered the peaks that are desired by many but achieved by few, and I did buy my own elephant..

Join me as I discuss this journey bare thread in my book I Just Bought My Elephant.

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August 29
Partridge Publishing India