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This is a Sequel to “I Want to Feel You Inside of Me”, by Marlo Peterson

Revenge is a dish best served hot and wet…

Yolanda works at a beauty shop and gets a surprise visit from the woman she least wants to see--her ex boyfriend’s fiancée. The woman comes to gloat and belittle, and Yolanda is left with her rage.

She closes the shop early because she can’t concentrate, and gets a call from Travis, the handsome businessman she’s been seeing recently. When Yolanda spills her guts about what just happened, Travis has a delicious idea for her that she can’t refuse.

He suggests that they shoot their own sex tape and send it to Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend as a wedding gift. Yolanda knows this will be the perfect revenge, since he probably sent his skanky fiancée to send a message that her new man, a white man, “ain’t hittin’ it right.”

Whatever. It’s lights, camera and action time, because Yolanda is about to put on a show for the ages and show her petty ex-boyfriend what he’s missing, and his skanky soon-to-be-wife what she WISHES she had.

WARNING! This story is beyond HOT. It features intense sex and love making, sixty-nine, dirty talk, spanking, domination and submission and so much more.


“You’re bigger than him anyway, so I know you’ll pound me out like he wishes he could have,” Yolanda said to Travis.

She walked over to the bed and immediately began stripping off her clothes. On her hands and knees, Yolanda pointed her beautiful booty toward the camera and began taking off her clothes slowly. She unbuckled her belt and pulled off her pants, allowing them to fall to her ankles and kicked them off. She wiggled her sultry brown booty, exposing her frilly pink thong.

Travis licked his lips and walked right over to her, taking off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. He straddled Yolanda from behind, making sure that the camera got a good view of them both. His hand brushed her hair away from her neck and he leaned forward, planting kisses on her neck, between her shoulder blades and down her back, all the way to her beautifully sweet bottom.

Yolanda sucked her lips in and shivered at how good his lips felt against her body. Perhaps it was the heat of the moment and perhaps it was the feeling that the camera was taking it all in, but she felt great about getting her ex-boyfriend back in this manner.

Fiction & Literature
April 27
Marlo Peterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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