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We’re always intrigued by the sexy combination of ebony and ivory. And this series of erotic romantic thrillers will take you on a ride. The reader is taken on four chapters into the life of Yolanda, a woman who lives the entrepreneurial life as an owner of a beauty salon.

Throughout their relationship, they unleash a dastardly sex tape revenge plot, go toe-to-toe with Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend and his new girl, explore each other’s parts, holes, mouths and ahem throats, have sex in public, on a motorcycle and on the side of the road while cars whiz by at 90 miles per hour, and take a trip to the candy store for special “toys”.

This is their first interracial fling, and they’re riding this baby until the wheels fall off.

Volume 1 EXCERPT:

Yolanda placed her drink onto the table in front of them and laid across Travis’ lap. She wiggled her butt a little to tease him, and could tell that he noticed.

Travis’ hands reached under her work shirt, and all of Yolanda’s troubles seemed to go away. His rigid, ultra masculine hands moved in circles across the small of her back, loosening up the tightness in her muscles.

It caused even more tightness between her legs, as the feeling of his hands against her smooth, soft back was beginning to make her horny.

“You got a nice touch,” Yolanda said, putty in Travis’ hands.

“You don’t know the half, love,” he said.

Just as Yolanda loosened up, she felt a pair of soft lips on the back of her neck, which caused a wave of heat to flow through her body. Her skin stood up and her body was suddenly sensitive to the touch.

“Mmmm, baby. What you doin’?” Yolanda purred.

Volume 2 EXCERPT:

“Revenge is exactly what I have in mind,” he said.

A smile flashed across Yolanda’s face. She didn’t know what he had in mind, but something told her it would be good.

When Yolanda pulled up to Travis’ house, she was a bit excited. The last time she was here, they had one of the best f**k sessions of her life, and she hoped they’d go for round two once they were done with whatever plan he had in mind.

Volume 3 and 4 get even hotter!!

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April 27
Marlo Peterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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