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Have you ever wanted to taste an iceberg, or walk with a whale?

Newfoundland's East Coast Trail offers you a chance to do just that, and so much more. With many trails that can be explored in many ways, this beautiful collection of coastal trails has almost limitless hiking potential. As fantastic as that is, where exactly do you begin?

You begin with this book: a visual journey along the East Coast Trail.

The East Coast Trail Guide is a combination of a hiking guide and a photo book, filled to the brim with scenic images, trail descriptions, trail maps, anecdotes, exciting wildlife encounters, and many useful tips to make sure you don’t miss a thing while you’re here.

Created by writer-photographer Sander Meurs, who knows the East Coast Trail by heart, this book will tell you all you need to know about exploring Newfoundland’s #1 hiking destination.

Whether you’re planning a full-on hiking vacation or trying to find a nice place for your next picnic, or even if you’re just in the mood to explore the East Coast Trail from your armchair: get the East Coast Trail Guide and experience the trail today.

Book highlights:

• Detailed trail descriptions • Illustrated trail maps & elevation profiles • 1650+ beautiful photos • Top 10 recommended hikes • Information about seasons, wildlife, icebergs & berry picking • Contact information for attractions along the trail • List of useful websites

The East Coast Trail Guide was most recently updated in August 2021.

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June 7
Sander Meurs
Sander Meurs

Customer Reviews

Ditd0001 ,


Stunning pictures. It is just candy to the eyes, in addition to being very practical for outdoors lovers.
That is the perfect souvenir of the Newfoundland we left.

ksdutton4 ,


Wonderful guidebook and stunning pictures. Captures the essence of the east coast trail and has helpful and accurate information. Wish it was a printed book as well!

Denn2009 ,

My Compliments to the author!

This is an excellent guidebook that will remain in my library forever. I completed 190 km of the East Coast Trail in 9 days in 2009 along with my wife and two hiking friends. We have since completed other sections of the trail and have repeated many other sections closer to St. John’s since that time and will continue to do as long as we can.
This iBook is a perfect gift for anyone contemplating hiking any section of the trail system or anyone who has completed any or all sections of the East Coast Trail. In fact, this book portrays all of the beauty that Newfoundland has to offer and you need only need to dream about hiking the trail to justify this purchase.

I will treasure this book and I salute the author for the professional quality of his work......an easy 5 star rating in my opinion! I wish it were also available in hard copy!