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A Boys of Fall novel

Carter Shaw isn’t a man anyone would mistake for a good guy. He’s always been intense, up for anything and fearless —on the football field, when wearing his badge and in the bedroom.

But pleasure is never mixed up with love. His unstable upbringing was more than enough to scare him off commitments for good.

Until he meets Lacey Andrews.

A true do-gooder, heart and soul, Lacey is the only woman to ever make Carter wish he was a better man.

It’s probably a good thing his best friend fell in love with her first.

Even when Garrett is shot and dies in the line of duty, Carter knows he can’t give her everything she wants and needs. Until she shows up on his doorstep in nothing but a trench coat and pink lingerie. Now there may be a few things he can offer...

Losing her fiancé has only proven how short life is and Lacey doesn’t want to miss another moment of happiness. Carter might have turned down the chance at the long term threesome she and Garrett wanted, but she knows he hasn’t forgotten the deep friendship or the one hot night the three of them shared. Carter is the only one who can make her feel alive again. And while her heart will always hold Garrett’s memory, Lacey is ready to prove Carter will never have to share her…even with the ghost of another.

October 1
Erin Nicholas
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MMMB1234! ,

Another great one by Erin Nicholas!

This story of Lacey, Carter, ...and Garrett is a bit different than Erin usually writes but that doesn't make it any less great. Lacey comes back into Carter's life months after Garrett's death and stirs up all kinds of emotions that Carter didn't want to acknowledge. Carter had lost his best friend and closed himself off from the only girl he'd ever thought he could love. Garrett is never coming back, but Lacey is there, in his home and she wants him to be with her. But Carter can't seem to get over the past and the part of their threesome that was now and forever missing. Garrett was the good dependable, marriage and kids guy that Lacey needed and Carter thinks he can't be. Carter needs to face his abandonment issues and he needs to grieve his best friends death if he has any hope of moving forward with Lacey. On his journey he encounters a few people in his life that have stuck with him and they help put him on the path to being the guy Lacey needs. I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I did seeing Carter come to terms with being the only guy Lacey will ever want or need.

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