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How Can I Help My Child’s Anxiety Without Going Straight to a Psychologist?

I'm Scared: 5 Easy Steps To Overcome Child Anxiety is aimed at parents of children aged 5-12 suffering from child anxiety.  It is full of easy to follow strategies and ideas that you can follow immediately.

* 5 Easy steps to try first

* Learn what to say and how to say it

* Understand how common anxiety is across the world

* Give your child life skills for the anxious times ahead

* Make a difference to your child’s life


This book is such an easy-to-read, straight-forward book with lots of tips and strategies to help parents in those tricky situations. It will be welcomed by parents as an invaluable reference.

Dr Vanessa Wing-Quay, Clinical Psychologist

Meg’s approachable nature alongside extensive clinical experience comes through clearly in the numerous case examples, and recommendations to parents.

Dr Sonja Skocic, Clinical Psychologist

Wise words of wisdom, easily understood, with practical strategies to cope with an anxious child.  A “must have” resource for parents and carers in this modern world.

Lu Smith, Parent

A wonderful resource for families. This is an evidenced-based resource, but what really set this book apart is the author’s clinical experience and the clear, easy-to-use approach. Parents will find the practical examples are authentic and will resonate on a personal level for many people.

Recommendations will provide you with an easy-to-use roadmap through the often-tumultuous journey of supporting your child's anxiety.

In many ways it is a book that is a must-read for all parents as it speaks to one of the fundamental bedrocks of parenting ‒ the ability to tune into and understand your child's psychological experiences.

Colin McMeekin, Psychologist 

For parents and carers of anxious children and young people, this book is an invaluable parenting resource. In fact, all parents would benefit from reading this book.

The many case examples, suggested strategies and proposed parent-child conversations are presented in an easy to understand, engaging and supportive style that parents and carers will readily relate too.

For parents who are struggling to help their anxious child cope with worries and navigate life’s experiences, this book is a “must read”.

Robyn Peel, Social Worker

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January 11
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