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As we touch hearts and souls we ask you to please join with others around the world in a daily devotional time of meditation, reflection, and prayer. We present this additional volume to our earlier e-books. Join with others and feel the touch of God's love in the words of these prayers and devotionals. Here are the devotional and prayer topics you will find in this volume of In Humble Adoration: 30 Days Of Prayer And Devotion, Volume 4

Day 1: About Looking Up To God
Day 2: About Watching For Jesus To Return
Day 3: About Standing In The Shadow Of The Cross During Tragedy
Day 4: About The Fall And Us
Day 5: About Taking Courage
Day 6: About The Silence Of His Love
Day 7: About Seeing Past Other's Exterior Shell
Day 8: About The Prayer And Forgiveness Connection To God
Day 9: About Praise And Affirmation
Day 10: About Obeying The Love Of God To Sail Upward
Day 11: About Making Peace With God
Day 12: About Making Peace Through Forgiveness
Day 13: About Making No Sense
Day 14: About Living In Upward Soaring Adoration
Day 15: About Living In Christ When You Are Happy
Day 16: About Keeping Your Eyes On Christ
Day 17: About Immortality From Christ
Day 18: About How You Must Never Give Up
Day 19: About Having A More Thankful Heart
Day 20: About Grasping At The Wind
Day 21: About God's Insulation For Your Soul
Day 22: About God Being Bigger Than Your Worry
Day 23: About Finding Encouragement
Day 24: About Dedication In Life
Day 25: About Christ's Suffering Upon The Cross And Your Job
Day 26: About The Chains Of Sin
Day 27: About The Big Return
Day 28: About Being One With God’s Glory
Day 29: About Being Caught Up With Christ
Day 30: About Patience And The Lord’s Appearing

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May 5
Patrick Kelly
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