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Worldly and influential, Merrick William Hasting, Earl of Huntingdon, is the catch of the season. It is expected of him to propose the belle of the ton. On his way to his country estate, Merrick saves a youth name Chris from being beaten to death and takes him to his grand home. Suddenly, Merrick begins to feel an undercurrent of emotions toward Chris, emotions he has lost since the mysterious death of his wife. Not to mention an attraction of the sexual type so powerful, he thinks he has gone mad. The desire is entirely unnatural and against God’s rule of nature, and he must at all cost annihilate his sinful craving.
Shy and loyal to her boot, Christina Smith is disguising herself as a lad in order to protect herself and her family. After Merrick has saved her and fostered her in his home, her devotion and love for him knows no bound. She, however, is very confused and hurt when he starts pushing her away after the arrival of his guests. She knows those vile, scheming beautiful women are competing for his hand in marriage, and she uses her wits and tricks to protect him. Trying to convince the stubborn man so, however, is very hard indeed, especially where his heart is concern.

May 16
Alexia X.
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Suppie12 ,


I love the story very much!
The author never fails to give romance to the reader.

completely me ,

In the Arms of An Earl

Should be called, In the Arms of a Pedophile. Just creepy and sick from the very beginning.

Momotastico ,


I downloaded this because it had decent stars. HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THIS BOOK?! It's so poorly written that I felt compelled to give it an honest, bad review. The terrible writing style aside, the plot is simply ridiculous! The heroine has zero personality. She has no strengths, no brains, no personality, no goals, no interests, and yet the hero can't get stop falling in love with her. Supposedly, she is a great beauty; her looks are so striking that everyone remarks upon it when she is wearing a gown but whenever she is in pants, no one can recognize her. Really?! I feel like I can continue to rant because this book wasted my whole evening. Just do yourself a favour and go read a 7 year old's creative writing homework because that would be ten times more entertaining.

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