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SAGUS is a long-term research project published in a series of books that document the life of a single family over as long a period as possible. Each volume covers a period of time or an event and they run more or less chronologically. 

The uniqueness of the series is that it uses contemporaneous records, diaries, notes, images, books, archives and photographs most of which belong to the author and family. In other words the volumes are the closest that can be achieved to real-life and real-time testimony with a true record and insight to the times. There is no rewriting of history or the reliance on fractured memory. 

What is true, is that they could only be written and published in this first half of the 21 century. The advent of the digital age has allowed this to happen. No publisher would have taken this project on when no definitive end would be in sight, where the cost of producing these volumes would be prohibitively high, and no bookstores would devote a shelf to a project that was erratic and never ending. From the perspective of research it is also the digital age that has opened up the ability to access information that previously would have been in a practical sense impossible to locate.

Volume 1 starts as far back as I have been able to trace the family using another benefit of recent technology: the capability of being able to affordably map everyone’s DNA. Not that this has thrown up anything unexpected: as we know, our most distant humanoid ancestors appeared in Africa about 1-2 million years prior to me writing this, and their Homo sapien descendants came out of Africa some 100,000 years ago (the precise date and theories vary), settled in what we now call the Middle East before taking various migratory paths to colonise the rest of the world.

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October 22
Graham Thomas

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