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I’ve gotten away with it all, but that won’t last forever.

I’m Bryce Chandler, FBI agent and member of the Circle of Justice, a covert organization that metes out retribution to those who’ve escaped the system without punishment. For the last year I’ve been deep undercover, doing unspeakable things to secure my place in the mafia world. These days I barely recognize the man in the mirror, but Anthony Corsino is finally in my crosshairs.

He’s entrusted me with the one thing he loves most—his daughter, Layla. She was just another detail of the mission, until she was suddenly so much more. I never meant to fall for the enemy, but I couldn’t resist. I’m in too deep. My brothers are determined to get me out, but I can’t let them interfere. It’s my job to put down the target. However, when I do, I’ll lose the only woman I’ve ever loved and the only good thing left in my life. If I don’t, I’ll lose myself.

June 4
L.P. Dover
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Sandy Sch ,

4.25 stars—sexy and suspense filled

4.25 stars--IN THE CROSSFIRE is the fourth instalment in L. P. Dover’s contemporary, adult CIRCLE OF JUSTICE romantic, suspense series focusing on an elite group of assassins who work for a secret government agency within the FBI known as the Circle of Justice. This is thirty-year old, FBI agent / assassin Bryce Chandler, and twenty-eight year old, attorney/mafia princess Layla Corsino’s story line. IN THE CROSSFIRE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary. IN THE CROSSFIRE runs parallel to, and crosses over with some of the events in book three-AIM. CIRCLE OF JUSTICE is a spin off from the author’s ARMED AND DANGEROUS romantic, suspense series. Some of the characters (Logan and Kassidy, Micah Perry) cross-over for cohesion and familiarity.

SOME BACKGROUND: The Circle of Justice is an elite group of assassins, started by the infamous Glenn Chandler, owner of the multi-billion dollar Chandler Enterprises and former FBI agent, who target those who have escaped the system.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Bryce and Layla) IN THE CROSSFIRE follows Bryce Chandler as he must go undercover in an attempt to take down mafia boss Anthony Corsino but what Bryce never expected was to come face to face with his future in the guise of Anthony’s daughter Layla Corsino. When Layla’s uncle Michael is killed, and her own life is threated by a competing crime family, Anthony Corsino calls in a man he believes if connected to one of the most ruthless crime syndicates he could have imagined. Enter Bryce ‘Collman’ Chandler, the man with whom Layla will fall in love. What ensues is Bryce and Layla’s cross-country journey to protect our story line heroine, and the potential fall-out as Bryce’s true identity and assignment are about to be revealed.

Layla is a bit of a pampered princess who knows very little about her father’s life in the mob. Following the death of her mother, Layla has felt lonely and lost, even though she is surrounded by security twenty-four hours a day. Meeting Bryce ‘Collman’ found our heroine struggling between head and heart when Bryce waffles between hot and cold. Bryce Chandler knows better than to get involved with a potential mark but something about Layla Corsino draws Bryce lie a moth to a flame. Desperate to protect the woman with whom he will fall in love, Bryce pulls Layla into the protection of his family, and the protection of the Circle of Justice.

The relationship between Layla and Bryce is one of immediate attraction but an attraction tempered by Bryce’s assignment to take down our heroine’s father. When Bryce is offered a position within the Corsino family, he will find himself surrounded by the woman that calls to his heart. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Bryce’s siblings: his twin Ian (Grace), Wade (Brina) and Reed Chandler, as well as their father Glenn; cousin Logan and Kassidy Chandler; and Micah Perry. We are introduced to Layla’s father Anthony Corsino, and her brother Dominic; uncle Michael Corsino; and several armed mafia security. The requisite evil has many faces including competing mobsters Cadoc and his son Julia Cartwright.

IN THE CROSSFIRE is a story of family, blood, betrayal and passion; secrets and lies, danger and sin. The character driven premise is fast paced, dramatic and intriguing; the characters are colorful, spirited and strong; the romance is sensual and intense. IN THE CROSSFIRE is a sexy and suspense filled story,that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

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