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Here is the first book in the ‘In Too Deep’ Series, another wild and wicked story with a potent mix of romance and deep passion by Lucia Jordan. 

Rayne smith has only been working for the Ellison Company for two weeks but already knows there is nothing about her job that she likes, she is a glorified maid. Her boss, Clive Sherman, is invariably intent on annoying her, consistently self absorbed, mean spirited, he’s made it clear that he wants more from Rayne, and demands that she attend the masquerade ball given by company, seeing his perfect opportunity to move in on the new hire. 

At the ball, Rayne thwarts her boss continuously, but is soon overcome with boredom at the uneventful soiree. Just when she is getting ready to leave, a mysterious masked man enters. Even from across the room, he practically oozes sexual charm. Their eyes meet and they instantly hit it off. He tells her he is crashing the party, and they spend the night playing a drinking game that leaves them both intoxicated. Drunk and enthralled by the other, they make their way up to his penthouse. 

Having not even been formally introduced, he vaguely tells her to call him Crasher. The virile, god-like sex that follows is nothing like what Rayne has always known. But is it just chance that they’ve met, or is it more? Will the dominant nature of Crasher lay dormant, or surface once they’re skin-to-skin? And who exactly is this mysterious man? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
October 17
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Njbf16 ,

In Too Deep

I enjoyed this book!
The storyline piqued my interest and now I want to know what happens next!!
Good read!!

Jan1852 ,

In Too Deep


Hot and sexy! Can't wait to read the rest of the story. Lucia Jordan has done it again. Luv her writing.

Jasmin Elizabeth ,

Vivid and captivating

I don't normally venture into this genre of writing but I stumbled upon "Resist Me" and was quick to begin "In Too Deep". The character portrayal provided a real ness to them, and their interactions were vividly descriptive, so the scenes played out like a little movie in my mind. This is the second title I have read by Lucia Jordan and I look forward to discovering more of her work.

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