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From #1 International Bestselling Romance Author, Katherine King, comes the continuation of Cass and Borden; the short story One Night Only, that left Katherine's readers begging for more.

Inescapable Book Three


Why did she still have to come into my dreams and play with me?

I'm so sick of this dreaming about her.

Every night...the hell that I go through.

I'm so sick of this waking every night, gripping my sheets tight in my fists when I relive that night with her... The way her lips curled when she swam teasingly away from me, silently encouraging me to follow her. To taste and touch her, be with her even if all we had was one night.

But these dreams that I've had of her every night since then... They were like shadows that danced forever in my mind and seeing her with him...touching skin that I'd once touched, tasting the skin that I still craved, I sometimes wish I could unkiss her, untouch her because I know that's the only way I'd ever be able to take my heart back.

Because my heart has been hers ever since that one night so long ago...

The continuation of previously published short story One Night Only.

Filled with sizzling sex scenes and a roller coaster ride of emotions, The Inescapable Series is a set of stories that will keep you wanting more.

*Author's Note: One Night Only has been continued into a full length story in Katherine's Inescapable Series. Look for Inescapable Book Two to continue reading this short story.

Reviews of One Night Only:
5.0 out of 5 stars
One Night Only
ByDonaldon March 24, 2017
I received a free copy of One Night Only. Being only 18 pages, it pulls you in immediately. It has a good opening with a little bit of background and directs you into the main part of the story. The ending leaves you with a good opening for a great romance in the making.

I enjoyed the storyline from "One Night Only" likeable characters
ByKindle CustomerDebra Menardon February 20, 2017
I voluntarily reviewed this book from the author Katherine King. I enjoyed the storyline from "One Night Only" likeable characters, will be reading more of her books in the near future. Liked the vibe of the carnival life.

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Katherine King
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