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Sean John Puffy Combs. Mogul Billionaire, Catalog theif, and murderer. When I envisioned the future, I never imagined Sean Combs would have completely screwed up the music industry. Literally. Sean has managed to perform Felicio for deals, sold his and his family's souls for the limelight and the riches. Only to digress back and lose it all. The Kingdom of heaven and the grace of God will one day bring Sean Combs to justice.

After having Christopher Wallace disposed of like trash, Sean began deconstructing music and thus began his short reign at the top. Short kind of like a leprechaun. But no taller than Melvin could go before he got his head blown off in the street like a dog or the rat that he was. Melvin liked to suck cock as well, guys and gals. The apple does not fall from the tree: the father, the son. Sean is like his dad. Exposed and non exsistant. As I am like mine. Existential, infinite., elite.

On March 9Th of 1997, Christopher " Chrissy " Wallace, a friend and comrade to brothers, was killed and taken from us at Sean Combs' request. Biggie Was murdered at the demand and of " Sean P Diddy Combs," formerly known. Bad Boy Entertainment. Puffy has spent an entire career attempting to silence artists, steal their ideas, shelf their creativity, and using his falsehoods to mislead people. Exploiting, lying, horking. Sean with his secret love and for all things penis. Had Tupac and Biggie, two of the greatest artists of our generation snuffed out. A closet, insecure catalog thief hoodwinked them. With an affinity for butt plugs and sucking cock. Sean John Combs, Melvin's son, will surely be remembered as living right up to the minor " Like father like a son that he is. One of the most prolific serial killers of the twenty-first century yet to be brought to justice in the eys of heaven.

January 1
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