Initial Consultation - Her Private Doctor Part 1

Medical BDSM Erotica

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After spending four weeks in the hospital after a car accident, Jodie has to go see Doctor Peters, so he can make sure her broken leg is healing properly. But the doctor wants to heal more than just her leg. Will Jodie take what he wants to give her?

Warning: This 3800 word story contains BDSM, whipping, temperature taking, anal fingering and some of the most exciting explicit sex you'll ever read!

~~ The following excerpt is for 18+ readers ONLY!! ~~

With that, Doctor Peters got up and left. Jodie sat in her chair, stunned. She hadn’t really expected questions about her personal life. She didn’t really have a problem with the fact that she didn’t have boyfriends. 

Her thoughts were interrupted when Doctor Peters came back into the room. He was carrying a small black Doctor’s bag with him. 

“Jodie, I want you to take off your clothes” he told her. Jodie sat in her chair, confused. “What?”

“Take off your clothes for me.”

Doctor Peters looked at Jodie, waiting for her to comply. Jodie was still confused. He was her Doctor. He wouldn’t be telling her to do something if it wasn’t medical, right? 

Eventually she stood up slowly and got off the chair. She was wearing jean shorts and a tight red shirt. She slipped off her shoes and pulled the shirt off, her well proportioned breasts now visible, her nipples hidden by the black lace bra she was wearing. 

“Good girl” Doctor Peters told her. Hesitantly, Jodie slid out of her shorts, so she stood in only her underwear. 

Suddenly, Doctor Peters came up behind Jodie and gave her a smack on the ass. “I said take off your clothes, that means all of them” he scolded firmly. 

Jodie quickly slid out of her bra, her nipples immediately hardening in the cool air. She slid out of her thong and now stood naked, in the doctor’s office.

Doctor Peters looked her up and down, causing Jodie to blush as he openly stared at her naked body. She tried covering her privates with her hands, but a firm shake of the head from the doctor convinced her that wasn’t a good idea. 

Jodie’s heart raced. This was definitely not like any other doctor’s appointment she’d ever had. Part of her was terrified, not knowing what to expect. But then, Jodie realized, part of her was excited at the same time.

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January 30
Sensations Publishing
Sensations Publishing

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