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When its entire list of fifteen subscribers suddenly vanishes it seems like the end for the galaxy’s last print newspaper, Intergalactic Gazette.

Newspaper delivery boy, Leon Weatherborn embarks on a mission to investigate the truth and save the Gazette. He believes his hero, journalist Dube Merrick, is also out trying to save the paper. And Dube will, just as soon as he can stop crashing on hostile planets and talk his ship’s stubborn door into letting him get back in.

Meanwhile, the final edition of the Intergalactic Gazette has fallen into the hands of a very eager to evolve Pickle. 

Will the Intergalactic Gazette go out of business? Will paperboy, Leon save the day before he loses another sneaker? Will Dube’s door let him back in? Is Pickle in line to be the next intelligent species? Can she be a species if she's the last of her kind?

Intergalactic Gazette: It's funny. It's fiction. It's science-ish.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 9
Cat Amuck Studios
Cat Amuck Studios, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ftp33 ,

Fun and funny

A fun and funny little novel along the lines of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Recommended!

THX1198 ,

If you like Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy...

This book has the same quirky style to it. The good old days of humorous sci-fi.

Calcob ,

Could not put it down!

Every time I came back to the story, I was pulled right into it and read much longer than I intended. It's definitely a page turner.

The dialogue was a real highlight, and I'd love to read more about these characters one day…I hope there's a sequel!