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Even if you've tried decorating before and never seem to "Get It Right", you'll be amazed how quick & simple decorating can really be...

If you wish your home could look more "put together" than it does now...if you wish you could take your home from dull and drab to zesty and festive...or if you just wish you could transform your place from "messy eclectic" to "warm and welcoming"...Then you've found the right book!

You don't have to be at the heart of the decorating world or hire a super expensive designer to get the look you want.

In fact, interior designing can be as easy as just knowing a few simple rules. Then, you just put those rules to work.

This book compiles all the tips and tricks to interior designing into a handy, simple-to-follow guide.

It takes you through remodeling your house, redecorating your house, and walks you through the many design elements that will help in your redecorating endeavors.

You'll learn:
- The basics of getting started - and how to know where to start even if your home is a total mess

- The difference between remodeling and redecorating…and why knowing the difference can save you thousands of dollars

- What the "3 Rs" have to do with your home... and why you must decide this right up front

- Designing your dollars... how to translate your design into dollars, and know exactly what it's going to cost right up front?

- Using the "designer's secret" for making a smart plan for your project. Use the same secrets the pros use to make their projects come in on time and under budget.

- Getting into the business side of your project. How to hire & fire contracters, get the best rates, and be certain of the quality of work you're getting.

- The "dark arts" of getting bargains. Part of getting your project done within budget is getting the best prices on supplies. Now you're going to learn how the professionals get the very best prices -- and you'll be a smart buyer

- Working with walls. What to do before you work on walls... the secrets of paint that pops... the methods of wallpaper that sticks... and tips on treatments.

- Floors to die for. The savvy flooring guide to carpets, rugs, woods and other floor coverings.

- Learn To Love Lighting - Nothing has as much impact on the look of your home as the lighting you choose. We'll cover all the basics of Natural light, artificial lighting, and windows

- The Details of Decor, and Dabbling in Decorating. Learn to seccrets of carefully using pictures, flowers, tables and other decor elements. Choosing the right look whether eclectic, Western, Mexican, Asian, or otherwise

- Beauty on a Budget. When money is tight, use these decorating and design ideas that make a few dollars look like you spent thousands

The environment we live in determines the kind of person we are. If you're surrounded by chaos and disorder, ugliness and shabbiness...you're going to feel (and act) like an ugly and shabby person.

If on the other hand, you're surrounded by beauty and order. Your attitudes and feelings will be positively influenced by your home...You'll find that the more beautiful your home becomes, so does your quality of life!

Once you know the secrets inside my book, you can...

- Enjoy the satisfaction of waking up every morning in your gorgeous new home, knowing you made it that way yourself.

- Get back to the business of living your life as a work of art -- instead of looking around yourself and wondering, "What am I doing in this mess?"

- Become the one home where your friends and co-workers want to gather. They'll be asking to come to your place just because they love being there.

- Feel the envy and curiosity of your friends who will all wonder how you did it!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and transform your home and your life today.

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June 3
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