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What happens when you combine the two best fat burning diets? You supercharge your weight loss. Do you find yourself asking why you can’t lose fat faster?

Intermittent fasting and the keto diet are perfect for each other. I’ll show you multiple ways to combine the two and I make it easy.

What is intermittent fasting? What is the Ketogenic diet all about? The former isn’t very complicated, and the latter can be difficult to figure out. In Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Made Easy, I show you both in an easy to discern manner.

A lot of books promise easy recipes for people on the go. I deliver. This isn’t a recipe book, however, there are easy recipes to get you started.

There is a full 7-day meal plan, fat bomb recipes, and dessert recipes for those sweet tooth’s!
Easy recipes, common ingredients.

You’ve probably heard of both these diets and that’s probably how you found this book. Maybe you’ve heard you can mix the two diets already but don’t know how? I provide the missing link: How to combine intermittent fasting with the keto diet.

Here is some of what you’ll discover:

What is Ketosis

Easy ways to add intermittent fasting to a keto lifestyle

EASY recipes

How to avoid keto side effects

Tricks for sticking with intermittent fasting in the long-term

Keto recipes for the sweet tooth

How to get started on a ketogenic diet

Benefits of intermittent fasting

And more…

You may be asking yourself “Why aren’t I losing weight?” I’ll tell you why and make the answer easy.

Are you having a hard time balancing protein and fat? Do you need ideas on how to get enough fat without going over your protein? I make it easy.

If you’ve been asking yourself where to begin, you’ve found the answer. Don’t complicate your diet, make it easy.
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Health, Mind & Body
January 9
Kevin Barry Maguire
PublishDrive Inc.

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