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Do you really understand the fundamentals of how real weight loss works? 

People buy diet supplements, join expensive gym memberships or even buy exercise equipment after watching some YouTube videos – to get rid of that ugly tummy fat.

But sadly most people struggle to see the REAL results because they follow what's popular and don't know the right answers.

If you are searching for sustainable ways to lose weight,  burn extra fats, and heal your body in the process, you might have already come across literature about intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Don't stop there.

Dig deeper because you are closer to attaining a sustainable solution for all your weight loss related problems.

To help you provide the right background and answer all your questions about intermittent fasting for weight loss, here is your go-to-guide " "INTERMITTENT FASTING PLAYBOOK"

Here is what you will discover in INTERMITTENT FASTING PLAYBOOK: 
Why intermittent fasting weight loss methodology focuses on long term sustainable results in losing weight.Explore how this book is different from other intermittent fasting kindle books as it will teach you simple and daily activities that you can take up quickly to start losing weight.Bust all your myths about intermittent fasting flavors or warrior diets or other such things. Even if you're scared of fasting, you'll learn the ways to implement the intermittent fasting with tested strategies and a little bit of commitment.This intermittent fasting book will explain you what is the right intermittent fasting diet plan for you. Should you try intermittent fasting 16/8 or you go for 20 4 intermittent fasting?How intermittent fasting women should follow a different fasting and eating window as compared to men?Learn about major benefits intermittent fasting provides you besides weight loss.Understand the reasons why most diets fail and what is so special about intermittent fasting.Understand how intermittent fasting weight loss techniques can automatically reduce your calorie intake- most important for weight loss.Learn more about "Eat-Stop-Eat" or different eating windows and what suits your body needs.How you can turbo-charge weight-loss while still eating the food you love?Why you should switch to low carb intermittent fasting gradually.Understand how keto and intermittent fasting is a wonderful fusion and why should you implement keto intermittent fasting to put your weight loss journey on fast-track.
INTERMITTENT FASTING PLAYBOOK will show you proven intermittent fasting weight loss methods that will help you to burn fat, heal your body, improve your general health and help you live longer

Learn best ways to apply intermittent fasting for weight loss, heal your body and live a healthy life.

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September 30
Nicholas Mayor
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