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Three steamy stories about beautiful white women and powerful black men coming together.

Story One: CUCK ARMY
Privileged Kara Andrews invites one of her neighbors to dinner despite his age and color. At first, unavoidably, there is a lot of tension between Kara, her husband Neil, and their guest. But after a while things start to lighten up. Their neighbor is a large, well-built black man named Bernard Lewis. A drill sergeant for the Army, Bernard isn't just confident, he oozes virility. And soon Bernard coyly introduces Neil to the fascinating world of interracial erotica; while simultaneously seducing long-legged Kara who doesn't seem to understand that she's in danger of getting drilled by the drill sergeant.

Will Kara succumb to Bernard's secret plans? Or will the happily married white couple resist the urge to become part of Bernard’s cuck army before it's too late?

Almost in tears, Stacey Johansson is traveling home on the subway, when she encounters Clive Maxwell. Clive is an older, well-dressed, distinguished black man. When asked, Stacey confesses that she has just been turned down for a loan, meaning that her and her husband will most likely lose their house. Clive is attracted to Stacey and makes her an offer she can't refuse: three hours of her time for $20,000.

It's not an easy decision, especially because Stacy is as conservative as she is pretty.

Will Stacey's conscience get the better of her? Will she refuse the easy money and return to her loving husband?

Or will Stacey accept —and freely give her body and mind to this powerful man who radiates strength and raw masculinity? Will she save her house but jeopardize her marriage?

Steven Schmidt is married to one of the best women on the planet. Not only is she smart, funny, caring, and loyal. But it doesn't hurt that his wife Faith is one of the sexiest women he's ever laid eyes on. Things start to heat up for the happily married couple when one of Steven's ex-girlfriends (Andrea) comes to visit. And soon Steven finds out that the only thing better than having one sexy blonde in the bedroom is having two sexy blondes in the bedroom!

Things will only get better for Steven, right?

Wrong! Because the next day he is dismayed to see his ex-girlfriend get hit on by a giant black guy at the pool. Obviously the black guy really likes blondes in skimpy bikinis.

Later (and much to Steven's annoyance) Andrea and the black guy go out on a date. At first Steven is really annoyed to hear his ex-girlfriend in the next bedroom "entertaining" her new friend. But after a while Steven and his wife decide to take a sneak peak --if only to make sure that Andrea isn't being murdered... Instead they find Andrea about to have one of the most intense experiences of her life. In fact, Andrea seems to be enjoying herself so much that Steven's wife can't resist joining in too!

Fiction & Literature
July 27
Bobbi Love
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