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Tennille “Neil” Lyons has her hands full with Cecilia, her drug addicted sister who recently turned to prostitution to maintain her addiction. Having her sister commit to going to rehab feels like a stroke of luck, until the dealer/handler shows up making threats. While drowning her worries at a hole-in-the-wall bar, she meets a handsome biker. As much as she wants to dismiss him, she finds out he is rougher and tougher than any other man Neil has met before. Which may come in handy, because if Cecilia doesn’t pay her substantial debt, the dealer intends to collect from Neil instead.

Augustus “Razor” Richardson is prospecting with the Riot MC after being renounced from his old MC. He has a past and a reputation as a ladies’ man, but rarely does a woman so blithely give him the brush-off. He knows something is wrong, but she slips away before he can figure out how to help. When an unexpected phone call puts her back in touch, Razor will stop at nothing to protect Neil from harm. However, Razor’s past isn’t done with him yet. Can he prove to Neil that she can trust him before it’s too late?

December 4
Karen Renee
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Sandy Sch ,

3.75 stars-spicy and impassioned: raw and gritty

3.75 stars--INTO THE RIOT is the third instalment in Karen Renee’s contemporary, adult RIOT erotic, romance MC series focusing on the men and women of the Riot MC. This is ‘prospect’ Augustus ‘Razor’ Richardson, and thirty-year old, car salesperson Tennille ‘Neil’ Lyons’ story line. INTO THE RIOT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty although I recommend reading the series in order for back story and history as some of the events are as of a direct result of the events in the previous story line. The reader was first introduced to Razor as a member of the Leatherneck MC.

NOTE: INTO THE RIOT contains scenes of graphic violence that may not be suitable for more sensitive readers.

Told from first person perspective (Neil) and several third person points of view including Razor INTO THE RIOT follows the building relationship between Riot MC ‘prospect’ Augustus ‘Razor’ Richardson, and thirty-year old, car salesperson Tennille ‘Neil’ Lyons. Neil Lyons doesn’t do relationships and meeting ‘pretty boy’ Razor Richardson screamed all kinds of trouble for our story line heroine. Trouble was about to come to Neil’s front door when in desperation, in order to save and protect her younger sister Cecilia, Neil Lyons walks head-first into the lion’s den, placing herself in harm’s way, and a target on her back. Enter Razor Richardson, prospect for the Riot MC, and the man with whom Neil will fall in love. What ensues is the acrimonious but building relationship between Neil and Razor, and the potential fall-out as Neil’s continues to fight to save her sister, a sister who doesn’t want to be saved.

Razor Richardson is starting over as a prospect with the Riot MC. When sh*t hit the fan, and all h*ll rained down with the Leatherneck MC, Razor found himself spiralling towards a possible end. Meeting Neil Lyons at a local bar, our hero had no idea how close his past was connected to Neil ‘s sister, a woman who battles addiction, and the fight to pay down her amounting debt. Falling for Neil gave Razor a second chance for a happily ever after but a second chance that brought trouble to the Riot MC. Neil Lyons was desperate to save her sister but not everyone wants to be saved. Hoping to ‘arrange’ a payment of debt, Neil paints a target on her back that forces the Riot MC to assign Razor, and the other members as shadows and guardians.

The relationship between Razor and Neil is one of immediate attraction. Razor is a beautiful, sexy ‘pretty boy’ and our heroine struggles with her attraction to a man rumoured to be a ‘manwhore’ and ‘player’. Razor’s seduction of our story line heroine finds Neil caught between head and heart knowing that their relationship may only be a product of their now-mutual problem. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Cary ‘Vamp’ Sullivan and Frankie Ingram (Inciting a Riot #2) and Vamp’s brother Brock, Cal and Mallory (Unforeseen Riot #1), Club President Henry ‘Volt’ Adler and his old lady Jackie; Blood and Abby; Roll and Trixie, and prospect Jim. We are introduced to Neil’s parents Dave and Debbie, her grandparents MeMaw and PaPaw, and her younger but struggling sister Cecilia. The requisite evil has many faces.

INTO THE RIOT is a story of betrayal, vengeance, family and blood. The premise is raw and gritty; the romance is provocative and seductive; the characters are charismatic, energetic and rebellious but saying that our heroine is naïve as it pertains to the world of the MC, and a little TSTL (too stupid to live) in that she is constantly placing herself in the line of fire requiring the Riot MC to interfere. Intimidation, threats and the knowledge that she was in over her head didn’t prevent Neil from pushing forward, eventually facing danger on more than one occasion. INTO THE RIOT is a spicy, impassioned and sexy read.

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