Is He All That‪?‬

Great Footballing Myths Shattered

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Football is all about opinions, and few people hold more opinions about more topics than talkSPORT's host of the Drive show, Adrian Durham. Whether it is the quality of Arsenal's 'Invincibles' or the supposed brilliance of manager Jose Mourinho, you can bet that Durham will have a view on the matter. Just because everyone else agrees that Pele is the greatest footballer who ever lived, doesn't mean that Durham will agree with that view - and he will supply a whole range of fascinating reasons as to why he is right.

Packed with lively comment on so many of the questions that football fans love to argue about, this book is full of the one thing that all football supporters can relate to: passion. If you ever want to provoke a lively debate,Is He All That? is sure to provide you with plenty of material. It will make you question your assumptions about the game, make you think and make you laugh.

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October 10
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Customer Reviews

WHU Stan ,

Decent Read

Adrian Durham isn't everyone's cup of tea, certainly if you can't see past being ultra defensive towards your club and blinded into thinking they can do no wrong, especially when it's an outsider telling some home truths which quite frankly you don't want to hear or can't handle, then Mr Durham is going to get inside your head. This book is a decent read, yes a fair bit has been mentioned on his radio show but in the book he goes into greater detail. There has been a lot of research and to provide this alternative view isn't an easy task and still make a compelling argument. I certainly learned a few things from it that I had never heard and I defy anyone out there that doesn't learn at least one thing. I finished the book in only a few days which tells me it kept me interested and it was decent. Most of the negative reviews I've read seem to be from pretty sad people who either can't bring themselves to buy it and read it because they have got hung up on one or more of his opinions in the past or are just jealous, yes he can provoke but open your mind a little. Oh and the abusive ones, well your not even worth bothering with, knuckle draggers.