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Some kids love Superman because he can fly …
Many kids like Batman and the tools of a spy.
Hulk smashes through walls without even a try.
But Jesus Christ is my favorite hero—I’ll tell you why
And how you, too, can become a superhero.

We wrote this book for our 5-year-old son to leverage his interest in fictional superheroes into a relationship with Jesus Christ—The Real Superhero. The book first compares Jesus Christ to fictional superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. The easy-to-read text and friendly, colorful illustrations then invites kids to be Jr. Superheroes (disciples) for the kingdom of God by highlighting examples of good Christian character, how to use spiritual weapons, and how prayer can activate the Holy Spirit’s power.

We have also created a certificate that can be personalized for the kids, recognizing them as Jr. Superheroes. Please contact us at the address in the book to receive it. We pray that the book helps children all over the globe find a lifetime relationship with Jesus Christ—The Real Superhero.

READER REVIEW: I wish this book had been written before my kids had become teens! It would have been a nightly ritual around my house and I’m sure one of my son’s favorite reads. I loved everything from the illustrations of Jesus being portrayed in the context of today’s modern culture to comparing God’s gifts/spirit with each superhero’s abilities. This is a great book, interactive book for kids and the message symbolizes how God brings his Super into our Natural! Great work! This will for sure become a classic —Kereth Houpt

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Pastor Rick and Paloma Gordon live in Mexico. This is their first book. It was written for their son and first published in hard copy. The book is now translated into different languages and used in different churches, youth organizations, and ministry programs to help kids facilitate a relationship with Jesus Christ.

August 21
Rick Gordon
Smashwords, Inc.

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