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In JOBS, Dr. T. William Hefferan, DBA, MBA, CCIM, CPM provides a stunning approach to how we achieve long-term full employment in the United States. Learn how the essential shift in how we need to think about jobs and employment accelerates our timely transformation into a knowledge worker economy.
The unemployed as well as employees wanting a better job learn how to secure their perfect job, employers learn how to attract and retain top-tier employees, and entrepreneurs feel personal growth as they discover new ways to put their ideas and initiatives to work. Discover how anyone can be an innovator and add value to any organization. Learn the value of ethics and authenticity in the workplace and why everyone in an organization can be a leader -- adding value to the company and the employee’s career growth.

This profound shift invigorates our global leadership in education and learning – leading to a dawn of new discoveries -- creating exciting new kinds of jobs and unique careers. Learn how everyone benefits from this journey to a steady stream of rewarding jobs, including jobs we have yet to imagine. Dr. Hefferan demystifies our exciting journey to long-term full employment with his original entertaining presentation style.

With over 23 years of experience as President/CEO of a 100 employee company, Dr. Hefferan decided to put his corporate work experience together with his academic background and solve one of our most significant societal problems. His unique approach to explore ways to end the persistent ups and downs of unemployment includes a peer reviewed research study he designed specifically to discover ways to solve the problem.

Join Dr. Hefferan in this contemporary revolution toward a brand new America that will always have meaningful and rewarding jobs.

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December 17
Dr T William Hefferan
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