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A classic contemporary romance with a time travel twist by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn Shay…

The Portals of Time trilogy follows three women who travel back from the 26th century to right the wrongs of society today so that humankind can continue to exist. Journey with them as they fight for both the future and the men they unexpectedly come to love. These stories contain heart-wrenching emotions, biting social commentary and unique futuristic elements!

In JUST IN TIME, Dorian Masters must save the life of research scientist Jess Cromwell by preventing his murder in five months. Cromwell’s work would eventually set the standard for eradicating all carbon emissions. But Dorian has to find the assassin first, while Jess’s brother, Luke, cynical New York cop and exasperating man, seems determined to stand in her way. Unaware of her background, Luke questions her suitability as a bodyguard and challenges her on the mistakes she makes about everyday things, including how she talks. Even so, the stakes are high and together they race against time to save Jess.

For more futuristic romance and paranormal romance, look for this rest of the books in this time travel romance series: PERFECT TIMING and ANOTHER TIME.

Reader Praise for JUST IN TIME:

“The characters were real and engaging. I laughed out loud several times…It was clear, simple, but deeply complex in human emotions.”

“I enjoyed every minute! I found the characters very interesting and enjoyed the storyline. I can't wait to read the rest of Portals of Time series!”

“I've become attached to these three protagonists and will read the second and third books to see them through to their HEAs.”

“A very well written story that will make you laugh at the interactions of Luke and Dorian. It's also intriguing, but most of all...You will be smiling with every turn of events.”

“At the beginning, you will wonder where these women come from, as they keep butchering the English language, but it becomes a cute part of who they are.”

“If you suspend belief, as I did, this is a very cute, very enjoyable book, and by the last page, you are wanting more.”

December 13
Ocean View Books
Mary C. Schaefer

Customer Reviews

SilverAngal ,

Beautiful Story

Loved this book and will be buying the rest of the serious. I love all Kathryn’s book, she brings the characters to live that you feel engaged in their lives. It’s not just a story.

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