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This Book is including two Books:

1. Kanban: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to the Basic Concepts in Kanban
2. Kanban: Secret Formulas and Strategies in Kanban Methodology


Do you have a business that struggles to keep track of jobs?
Do you need to improve your manufacturing efficiency?
Do you want your business to be leaner and more streamlined?
Do you want to add value to what your business provides?
Kanban could well be the answer to your problem?

Most businesses, even successful ones, can face the challenges of being inefficient. In fact, the more success you generate, the likelier it will become. The test for any business is how to overcome such a problem and the answer could well be Kanban.

Developed in Japan, Kanban uses the rate of demand to control production and in this book, You can discover how to implement it through chapters on:
The history of the conceptCore practicesPush and pull productionHow the system worksMaking a Kanban boardHow to apply it to manufacturingAdvantages of KanbanSoftware
And lots more…

Being efficient is the way that any business maximizes its profitability and anything that can help with this should be applied.
Kanban is one of the most important tools ever devised for productivity efficiency and any business, large or small, will see a difference once they implement it.

Now, with Lean Kanban, you can see how this remarkable idea could work for you as you aim to simplify your business, with chapters that include:
Lean business principlesConcepts and toolsHow to harness Lean to foster innovation and develop new ideasHow a business can identify value through LeanUsing Kanban to improve productivityTop mistakes made by new teams
And much more…

With this book, you will be well on the way to changing how your business operates and improving productivity and value at the same time.

Get a copy of Lean Kanban today and see how it could improve the way you run your business!

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April 20
Alex Pubished
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