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Beyond the Stars takes up a year after the city of dreams has been destroyed, when a virus has been discovered that will destroy all forms of life on earth, including human. Nothing can stop the virus, nothing slows its relentless progress in any way, and all life on the planet will eventually become extinct.
Prima have been busy building Eden II, a star ship that will carry thousands of people to a new life away from the dying earth, to seek a new home among the stars. During preparations for space, Eden is attacked and damaged, by survivors fleeing the violence and destruction on the moon. Once in space, the untested and untried star ship accelerates out of control beyond the speed of light, carrying earth’s survivors through a worm hole into a seemingly new universe.
There is a mutiny on board Eden, and Kane, along with Tara and over a thousand survivors are left to die on what appears to be a desolate almost uninhabitable planet. But, how wrong they were.
Fate, destiny, or whatever one chooses to call it, has returned earth’s remaining humans home, back to their planet of origin.
Aria is a planet of tranquillity and peace, its people only concerned with attaining enlightenment. That is until they are discovered by the Braagon, an evil reptilian race with only one thing in mind. The complete annihilation of the human race.
Kane is believed to be a true son of Aria. A warrior born, returned home from beyond the stars to lead Aria in its battle for survival against the Braagon.
Kane is a battle hardened veteran, but without weapons of any kind, how will they defeat a ruthless enemy who will show now mercy?
Perhaps the Arians themselves have something in mind. Maybe they’re not quit as helpless as they seem to be.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 23
David Young
Smashwords, Inc.

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