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In the year 2056 after much of the world was drowned by the great floods, the human race struggled to survive, and millions were left starving and homeless. Amid the chaos, the world’s leaders came together to form a new world-wide governing council. Their first priority was to re-establish law and order, and to do this they created a fearsome group of law officers with the power of life and death called, Terra-force.
Life was very harsh, but one beacon of hope for the future was the discovery of an amazing new strong and incredibly lightweight mineral called Lunanite, so called because it was discovered and mined on the moon. Lunanite was used to build Orion, a fantastic city under the sea, built to alleviate the horrendous overcrowding on the now sparse and very precious dry land.
Today, the city is a last hope for the future of mankind, but all is not as wonderful as it seems with the beautiful City of Dreams. Unknown to all except one man, the city is about to disintegrate, drowning all within.
Argon Rubel knows the terrible secret of the undersea city, and he is determined to hide his part in its impending doom at any cost.
Kane is Terra-forces’ top agent, a man who believes in fairness and justice for all, not just the privileged few, and if there is evil he will find it and destroy it. But evil has many faces and a long reach, and when Tara, the beautiful love of his life seems to have turned against him and joined forces with his enemies, Kane is determined to hunt them down and destroy them.
But before Kane can send them to meet their maker he must first learn the terrible secret of Orion, the beautiful City of Dreams.

Fiction & Literature
January 3
David Young
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