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Publisher Description

Trigger warnning!
Strong language, child abuse and pedophelia.
This serial is is told from multiple points-of-view.

On the run again.

It all started when Cayder SunHouse went to visit his parents in their new home.

On his way, he is attacked by the dying infected, a group of dying infected, who live in the City of the Dying Infected. During the attack, Cayder loses consciousness, and wakes to find it’s three months later, ad his rescuer is Nyna WindFlame, the new chief of the next village.

Cayder expects to recover and pick up where he left off, unaware of Nyna’s dark plans for him.
By the time he’s aware of her plans, it’s too late, and it’s the day before his forced marriage to her.

The year after the marriage, Cayder is asked to help in abducting Nyna’s Yemoran friend, Shayla LittleStar’s cocooned infants during Schayla’s cocooning ceremony.
However, during the memory replacing, someone’s memory escape completing replacement, and people talk.
Now Nyna, Cayder, and there newly acquired infant, Tybron, are fugitives.

Years, later, when Tybron is ten, he flees one of the communities he’s called home, when his mother is murder, and he is accused by his father who is the new chief.
He stumbles onto the Fox family’s reservation. Unable to speak, he is taken in. It is there, he is given a diary and learns what he’s been missing, locked up in underground apartments and hidden huts, such as the rite of passage called an age walk.
One Spring later, upon his return, he learns of a boy called Prophet LittleStar, a five-year-old gender-shifting Yemoran, has been launching attacks on villages with low populations of shape shifters, and there village is one. Now they’re on an Intergalactic run, ending up on Yemora, unaware that Prophet has orchestrated that move.
Days after the move, Tybron is sent on a trade run in an unfamiliar part of his new village, where he is soon captured by Prophet, and learns they are siblings. Now Tybron is asked to help his younger brother overthrow the galaxy or die trying not too.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 18
Mellissa Green
Smashwords, Inc.