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It’s all about the game in the minors. We don’t play for money, glory or fame—we’re in it for the straight-up, all-in love of hockey. And not only do women flock to me as a pro athlete, my reckless behavior only makes the fans love me more. As the star forward and team captain of the Fenway Flyers, my job is secure no matter how much trouble I get in—both on and off the ice.

That is, until our team is bought by a real estate mogul who busts my balls like it’s her job. And while I suppose it actually is, I can think of much better ways to spend my time with the fearless firebrand who’s now my boss.
She wants to control me, and I’m all for it. As long as she surrenders to me in the only place that really matters—the bedroom.

February 24
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

ChristinaMontminy61 ,


I really enjoyed this 1st book in Brenda Rothert's new series. Killian was extremely hot & his attention to Sidney was very erotic. They made it easy for you to root for them to make it. The idea of the woman having the power position was enjoyable to see & that Sidney was a self made person & not an heiress made it even better. Totally recommend this book.

BethyMac ,

4.5 HOt HOckey Hunk Stars

I first fell in love with Brenda Rothert’s writing when I met her first hockey hunk, Ryke and ever since then she has been giving us hockey hunk after hockey hunk, which are my absolute favorite. So when the Fire On Ice came series came to an end I was devastated. Gladly it was not for long when I found out she was writing a new spin off series, On the Line, and we would be getting so many more new hockey hunks.

Killian is the first book in the new spin off series and I must say Brenda did not disappoint, I am absolutely in love with Mr. Bosch. But the bonus is, we get a bit more Orion as he is the new coach of the Fenway Flyers, the minor league team that Killian is the captain of. Along with the new coach is a new owner, Miss Sidney Stahl, a.k.a. The Ice Queen. She recently purchased the Flyers and she was determined to turn this losing team around and fix their image, starting with Mr. Killian Bosch.

I loved Killian, he was hot and sexy, and was a bit cocky too but deep down, he was sweet and tender and totally swoon worthy hockey hunk. He had a huge heart and when he put his heart into something he gave it his all. I absolutely loved the love he had for his mother and how when it all came out, his recklessness and bad boy image was more about dealing with the loss of his mother and not wanting to go on to bigger and better things without her being there to cheer him on.

Sidney was such a great character, she was strong and determined, smart, funny and very sassy but she too had a big heart and I loved when she let the walls down and let Killian in. She was also very giving, I loved that even though she was there to better her team, she saw Killian’s potential and she wanted to see him move on to bigger and better things, even though it meant losing her best player and her captain as well as possibly losing him as the man she loved.

I loved the dynamic that the author built between these two. These two even though they were a bit at odds in the beginning, they were attracted to each other. And as time passed they began to work together and the attraction and chemistry began to build to the point neither could take it anymore and gave into their attraction. These two were hot and sexy, their chemistry off the charts and I must say, the sex scenes between these two were sexy but not overdone and totally panty wetting. I also loved that even though these two seemed to have a lot of feelings for each other very quickly once they had come together, in no way did it feel at all to be “Insta-love”. I really enjoyed how she played out their storyline as well, it had it’s ups and it’s downs with a bit a drama thrown in but it wasn’t the same old drama that so many books play out.

Overall another fabulous book by Brenda, she never seems to disappoint and I am so excited to see what she has in store for the rest of this series, if it’s anything like the Fire On ice series and if this book is any indication of the rest, it’s going to be phenomenal.

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