Kindred Soldiers

Publisher Description

A short story by John A. Ferguson

In war there are no real heroes, just men and women fighting for survival.

Garret Kayne is a young Foot Soldier returning from a mission behind enemy lines. On his journey home his transport ship encounters an enemy vessel lost in Earth Controlled space.

Although tired and exhausted Garret is forced to investigate the mystery of this ghost ship.

Kindred Soldier is a short story set in the future where Earth is locked in a conflict against an alien race called the Seridians. As Garret explores the enemy ship he starts to encounter things which make very little sense and soon he realises he faces an opponent who is every bit is equal.

A note from the author:

'Kindred Soldiers' was been based on a character I had been developing for a novel. The novel will eventually explore the relationship between Earth and the aliens called Seridians in far greater detail. As I started to work on the plot and characters, I realised that there was a vast potential story that could be explored. I had to start creating a history of the Earth from the point of view of a far distant future. The novel I am working on at the moment features an older Garret Kayne. However, as I started to explore some of the flaws in the nature of this man I realised I had to start to make a very credible back-story to allow myself to understand him better. This short story forms a small but important part in his own background and character development.

Please enjoy and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 24
John A. Ferguson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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