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It was a time of darkness. Upon the shining land of Bretunia the blood of Arthur Pendragon had been spilt, and the mighty sword Excalibur fallen from his cold hand. Arising to seize the throne of the fair city of Camelot came the dark witch, the Dragon Queen, the Fairy Morgan, come to claim the prize in the wake of the King’s death. Morgan Le Fay had with her the poverty-stricken and anarchy-maddened; the weak-minded and mercenary; the cruel and avaricious dragonarmies, minions under the powerful Dragonlords. With this army, she tore through the land and swallowed it, and the shadow of her power crept closer and closer towards weakening Camelot.

Upon that ailing throne sat a monarch troubled and weary - Constantine du Cador, named King after the death of Arthur. His son, Uriel Loron the young prince resolved that it will be he, who would save the kingdom - and so he set off on a quest for Excalibur, and the Archmage Merlin. One night he saddled his horse, gathered his effects, and left the castle under the cover of darkness. Henceforth he called himself, not the Crown Prince Uriel Loron, but merely a humble young knight, Sir Aubriet.
In another part of fair Bretunia lived a young man not so splendid, nor so grand - in a poorly home he lived, deep in the distant forest of Edela. A makidon, young, talented, trained by old Sir Ector in the ways of life and death - Tosham was his name; he knew no other. In search of the venerable master and his young apprentice came the noble Sir Delyus, and his companion Sir Claude, to urge them into aiding King Constantine; Sir Ector being old and weak, Tosham alone was sent with them. But the gallant company was waylaid by Lord Breune and the sorcerer Pleonodis; Sir Claude was captured, Sir Delyus killed. Tosham alone escaped.

In the humble town of Northshire did the makidon find a haven; while there, the young makidon met a strange little personage who called himself Riadok. Hardly over adolescence, this odd, clumsy young mage, apparently talentless and somewhat foolish, later encountered - also seemingly by chance - the travelling Sir Aubriet. The three traveled together to Old Yew Forest to seek Excalibur, only to be bid to perform a task in return for the great sword.

Yet, a darker secret awaits the heroes, for the conflict ahead is much more than meets the eye, as the Armor of Light has foretold...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 29
Camelot Hobbies Pte Ltd
Smashwords, Inc.

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