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In the court of King Stephen of England in the year 1136, there is a cunning courtier called Greta the Witch. Greta has a terrible vision of the future and a vision of a strange silver man, a traveler from another world.

The king has a secret of his own and plots an elaborate deception. Greta follows the king and two of his men-at-arms, and the four of them encounter the silver man while he is monitoring mankinds progress. The silver man freezes the four of them in time.
Nearly a thousand years on, and the silver man returns to Earth. Mankinds technological progress is a threat to his people, and the Earth must be destroyed. But an eccentric British scientist working with a top secret group at NASA detects the silver man. The scientist causes a freak accident that transports King Stephen, his two men-of-arms, and Greta forward almost a thousand years in time to the modern day.

King Stephen and his men-at-arms capture the British scientist who is accused of murder. The US military capture the silver man, and an elite team is set up to try and understand the visitor from another world. They conduct the work in secret, but try as they may, even the highest levels of the US government do not seem to be able to keep the story away from the media.

The British Secret Service MI6 become involved as a tenacious London journalist reveals details of the strange goings-on in the quiet Hampshire villages of Hartley Wintney and Fleet.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the media manipulation becomes more difficult when the silver man changes into a baby boy. Many begin to believe that this baby is the new messiah, the second coming of a baby Jesus, a new prophet.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 26
AuthorHouse UK