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Book 4 in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop novella series!

The last thing he wants is to rest in peace.

Captain Daniel Blackthorne, the swashbuckling pirate they called the Wolf of the West, was cursed to death by a jealous witch. Since that day long ago, he’s haunted the attic rooms of Red Gem’s Chocolates in sleepy Corsair’s Cove. The rules of the curse are clear: He has until Hallowe’en night to help the women of Blackthorne blood find true love, or his soul is doomed forever.


When Eloise Wilson moves in above the chocolate shop, she’s unprepared for a spectral roommate. Sadly for Blackthorne, she’s terrified of ghosts—and with good reason. Gifted with the Sight since childhood, she’s seen hauntings end in gruesome tragedy. Worse, family and friends think she’s just a pretty young college grad with an overactive imagination. When she finds out her new home is haunted, the last thing she expects is a ghostly captain who rewrote the book on seduction. 


But Eloise can’t save his soul until he heals her heart, and Hallowe’en is only days away. Blackthorne is the darkness she fears, even if his touch is as sweet as anything from the shop below. He’s delicious, but he’s dangerous, and Eloise knows better than to taste what she can’t have.


And yet lovers are like chocolate—for some, only the dark will do.

“Complex characters and exhilarating story!” — All Things Urban Fantasy, on the Horsemen Series

“Swoon-worthy romance...  an incredible series!” — The Reading Café

“Readers be warned, there is no turning back once you begin the spellbinding journey…”  Single Titles

September 30
Rowan & Ash Artistry
Rowan and Ash Artistry

Customer Reviews

Myfannwy ,

Dark, delicious, and deeply seductive

Each book in the series has embraced the spooky side of Corsair's Cove a little more than the last. Kiss in the Dark dives heart and soul into the paranormal centre of the Cove - the dashing Corsair himself.

I love how Ashwood plays the darker undercurrents in her story against the gorgeous scenery and appealing characters, to create a story that is fun and scary, bold and sweet.
This is a delightful cap to the series. I don't want to leave the Cove yet. I hope there's more coming!

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