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After having lost his wife, Dan needed someone to step in and be the nanny. Candy, his wife’s closest and best friend, stepped to the plate. What happens when nine-teen year old Candy catches him in the act of pleasuring himself to her pictures? You know what you want. You also know that this book will give it to you.
Peek inside to have your all your fantasies fulfilled. You know you want to. :)
It had been a long time since I had a day like this. With all the kids at school and everyone gone, I finally had the house to myself for once. I smiled as I thought about the first thing that I wanted to do.
Being a single father of four was one of the toughest jobs that I had ever had. Even with the help of a nanny. I sat down at my computer in my study and thought about my departed wife. She was a very beautiful, vivacious woman who had a lot of life left in her – which was tragically taken away all too soon.
Of course, I didn't expect to have to raise the kids all by myself, but all of that was in the past. When she had left, I hired her best friend and confidant to be our live-in nanny. She loved the kids like her own and so was a perfect fit. She was also just as devastated as I was about the loss of her friend.
However, I found myself shucking my clothes as I brought up images of the two of them together. My wife was a few years older than her friend, and was tall and muscular, while Candy was a short, petite girl. She had just enrolled in some courses at the local community college when she found out the news. As soon as I offered her the nanny job, she dropped out of her courses to help her friend out. I couldn’t thank her enough.
My hand crept to my dick and I started playing with it as I studied Candy's face. She had long, brown hair, pixie-ish eyes and always had a wide grin on her face. A tear fell from my eyes as I realized that without her, I wouldn't have been able to get through all this. I was grateful to her, but I was starting to realize that I was also attracted to her.
I tried to imagine what she looked like without clothes. I knew she had small breasts, but what did they look like? Lately, I had found myself perusing porn sites looking for women that looked like her. I had found a couple of close matches, but until now hadn't been able to take care of business like I needed to.
My cock rose quickly in my fist as I switch to the porn picture that most closely resembled her. I don't know what came over me, but I had a sudden desire to Photoshop Candy's face onto this porn star's body.
Without even thinking about what I was doing, I carefully cut out Candy's beautiful face and pasted it onto the other girl's body. It wasn't professional, but when I was done I felt an electric jolt pass through me. There was another emotion hanging around in the background, but I shoved it away: guilt. What was I doing? My wife had only been gone a few months and here I was fantasizing about her best friend, who also happened to be the nanny of my wife’s children. This was sick and twisted, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. My fist flew up and down as tears rolled down my cheeks. I was just about to let loose with a large, spunky load when I heard a gasp behind me.
"Oh shit," I said as I quickly turned around to see who had come in.

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May 21
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