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Stalling and Steffor inhabit different worlds, yet they are connected. Together, but unbeknownst to one of them, they race towards an inevitable, if unimaginable collision.

As a Guardian, Steffor protects the Provider’s Citizens from a host of dangers inherent to a world of perpetual wilderness. When not serving as a resident hero, Steffor spends his time training for the Dive. Qualified for this season's championship, manifesting his future fame seems certain, if not for events manifesting a different future for Steffor and his peaceful society. A future in direct lockstep with destiny.

On Antium, artificial intelligence fast approaches the point of exceeding human intelligence. Despite its aggressive development and implementation of technology over that past century, hubris hinders the Church of Salvation from seeing the Singularity's inevitable arrival, much less process its implications on the future. The lethal weakness of their enemy identified, Stalling Alterian and his cadre of gifted conspirators accelerate the Singularity’s arrival to lead a fertile insurrection against the merciless theocracy. Committed to saving their society, or die trying, moments away from completing the crucial and final phase of their clandestine mission, Stalling discovers a fatal error in his calculations that threatens to destroy it all. Absent of any solution and the enemy closing in, can Stalling impose his technological miracle onto humanity before the noose pulls tight?


“…more of a profound level of meaning than we read in other novels in this genre.” Grady Harp, Amazon.com Top 50 Reviewer, Vine Voice, Hall of Fame Reviewer

"Bravo! Brilliant and Intricate...Copeland does an expert job of reminding us that reality is what we make it and our beliefs, allegiance and loyalty are ours alone to give." Jay Mittener, Amazon.com Top 500 Reviewer
"All is can say is--Interesting!... At the end of the book, I found myself doing a lot of soul searching." Karma, Amazon.com Reviewer

“An intelligent and entertaining funfest…Copeland assumes that I have come to his book with imagination and the desire to enter a new creation, and he definitely delivers the goods. Well, done!” bertiejf's, Amazon.com reviewer

“Thought-provoking and exciting…a surprisingly deep exploration of the role of religion in society…that isn't heavy-handed or evangelical, primarily because we get two very different takes on it, which keeps one viewpoint from dominating.” T. February, Amazon.com reviewer

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December 11
Trey Copeland
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