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"Blair Bancroft can always be counted on to deliver exceptional characters and/or settings, historical accuracy, unusual plots, and flawless writing. LADY SILENCE is one more sterling example." Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"LADY SILENCE by Blair Bancroft is a splendid Regency romance! The creative intrigue and alluring characters make this novel a must have."
Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

When he went off to war, Colonel Damon Farr vaguely recalls giving permission for his staff to "keep" a twelve-year-old waif who asked for shelter in the midst of a snowstorm. Six years later, he finds her still there, a beautiful eighteen, and companion to his mother, in spite of the fact that Katy can't talk. Who and what is the girl Damon promptly names Lady Silence?

Except for speech, Katy Snow has all the attributes of a lady. She reads, she writes, she rides, and has an unusual knowledge of Latin and Greek. Although Damon wants to shut himself up in his library and forget the world, he grudgingly allows his mother to talk him into using Katy as a part-time secretary.

Katy's beauty, spunk, and efficiency soon charm Damon from the sullens all the way to lust, but he can scarcely set up his mama's companion as a mistress. But honorable intentions are impossible. A gentleman of good birth and ample fortune cannot ally himself with a nameless waif.

Frustration mounts by agonizing steps, fraught with mistrust, as Damon's idyll at Farr Park is shattered by an unexpected inheritance, two overly zealous junior officers, greedy relatives, an impostor, and a missing fortune. Is "the girl the cat dragged in" Damon Farr's Sinful Temptation or his Salvation? Katy and Damon walk a rocky road before the answer becomes clear.

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April 2
Blair Bancroft
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