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“A delightful book! ...A man’s valiant quest in search of his own soul, not to its selfish salvation, but to its apparent perishing,... Here is someone who aspires to the noble vocation of philosopher, a lived lifestyle... The book is written in Nietzsche’s aphoristic style and iconoclastic spirit,... Here is Berdyaev’s unique intuition... There is a great modesty of person in Landesman, in his existential posture akin to Dante’s Vergil...”—Fr. Stephen Janos, retired Orthodox priest.

“I was repeatedly struck by the appositeness, acuity, and perceptiveness of Landesman’s remarks and judgments. Among other things, his remarks about other philosophers, writers, and litterateurs seem to me to be especially noteworthy and apposite...These are the notes, observations, and jottings of an active, learned, and perceptive mind.”—Dr. Lloyd Eby, teaches philosophy at The George Washington University and The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC.

“Landesman’s Journal contains reflections in the tradition of G.I. Gurdjieff, although Nietzsche is more often mentioned. The spirit of unfettered thought of Krishnamurti is also called upon. Yet the core of the book is an effort to reply to Gurdjieff’s question of how to develop the soul...the only genuine form of progress, and Leon Landesman’s observations of the self in thought and action are useful guides.”—Rene Wadlow, Ph.D., President, Association of World Citizens, editor, Journal of Transnational Perspectives.

“Readers cannot fail to be moved by his passionate call to become conscious of the spiritual dimension of one’s life—the existence of a soul destined to contribute to a higher metaphysical reality.”—Geoffrey Klempner, D. Phil.

"Landesman’s Journal will enkindle our admiration and can stimulate us to search for the truth, perhaps more by imitating the author’s lifestyle than by disputing his convictions."—Charles Carpenter, Ph.D. summa c*m laude, Gregorian University and author of Theology as the Road to Holiness in St. Bonaventure.

Richard Schain was awarded Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award, Silver, in Philosophy.

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