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Hooking Up and Dating Empowerment has Arrived through Technology-Driven Transparency and Reality-Grounded Facts about Mating. 

Keeping one’s options open for something better or at least different has now officially gone mainstream. 

In Last Call, An Intoxicating Overhaul of the Heterosexual Hook-up and Dating World, first-time author Paul B. Wright (a mathematician by trade) takes a stand against the biased dishonesty running rampant throughout American society and announces that the current hook-up and dating game is officially over. 

Simultaneously, Last Call levels the playing field by addressing the obvious inequities in heterosexual company time funding and public sexuality displays. In so doing, this provocative book sets the stage for holding a national conversation on the politics of opposite-gender sexual partnerships in America. 

“Now more than ever,” says Paul, “it’s time to introduce structure, discipline, and personal accountability to the heterosexual hook-up and dating world. This means a complete overhaul is called for, guided by the fight for total equality between the genders and a reinvigorated sense of morality.” He adds, “Whether one is paying directly or simply indirectly by funding dating expenses such as dinners and drinks, what’s the difference? Further, can we admit that America’s respective gender roles drive males’ insatiable desire for sex and females’ entitlement mentality?” 

Last Call empowers both males and females with the truth on what drives our respective gender sexuality thoughts and actions. People of any age having opposite-gender sex with anyone they do not live with, notes Paul, will benefit from reading it. Last Call also exposes and rectifies the unisex cheating chaos now upon us just in time to usher in technology advances that won’t allow anyone to get away with an undisclosed cheat event. To this end, Last Call sets customizable boundaries for the heterosexual hook-up and dating world built on honest communication through the use of new words, classifications, and tools. 

“Call it a badly needed revamped playing field that all involved can relate to equally and utilize with integrity,” explains Paul. He adds, “Individuals can count on these boundaries to stay honest with themselves as well as the opposite-gender people who choose to share company time and possibly sex with them.” 

Within his unrelenting analysis and common sense solutions, Paul also takes on a number of additional controversial topics in Last Call, including prostitution, gender roles, and the ever-evolving moral code. “The hook-up and dating world is just the tip of the iceberg,” he concludes. “Stay tuned, because brutal honesty, with the help of human morality, is about to make a comeback. Just as importantly, sex and status sharing will forever after be viewed as a two-way street between males and females.” 

Readers beware: if you are currently having sex with opposite-gender people whom you do not live with, Last Call will empower you to be brutally honest in those endeavors. However, that most likely will happen only after Last Call forces the painful realization that you have not only been lying to those same people but also to yourself. Let the overhaul begin...

February 5
Paul B. Wright
Paul Wroblewski